ブラウスカラー 2色
各リボンカラー 12色
花びら型オーバースカート 8色

Vroid Studioにて、衣装にてワンピースをご指定下さい。


何かありましたらTwitter @monosepias までご連絡下さい。

Fluffy design and a little chic dress
Both sleeves are open and closed with ribbons.

Set includes
Blouse in 2 colors
Each ribbon color: 12 colors
Petal-shaped overskirt in 8 colors
Classic dress with black petals

How to dress
In Vroid Studio, please specify the dress in the costume section.
Load the blouse of your choice in the layer.
Then, create a new layer on top of the blouse and load the overskirt of your choice.

Please note the following
It is possible to use this dress for VRC and Vtuber activities. If possible, please display the creator’s name “monosepias”.
Please do not use this dress for any purpose other than the purchaser’s own work, or reproduce it without permission.
If you wish to use this outfit for your avatar creation, please purchase it from both the creator and the purchaser.
If you wish to use these costumes in your avatar creation, you may only display them. If you wish to use this costume for avatar creation, please show “monosepias” as the creator of the costume.
If you want to use this costume for avatar creation, you can only display it.

If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter @monosepias.